OUR STORY: For many years, our team observed that projects are managed very differently in ‘Indian Country’ than anywhere else.  We began to question ‘why’ there is such a difference between government expectations for grants and the way projects were being completed with our clients in rural Alaskan villages. 

This quest lasted for seven years, as APSI’s team interviewed a diverse group of Tribal Administrators from Alaska, Hawaii, New Zealand, Canada, and Australia.  We asked them how they ‘see’ a project, and how they ‘manage’ a project.  With the coming of internet access to many of the rural villages, we also asked what they need for an online grant management tool.  Amazingly, they all had the same basic reply:  A simple and easy to use system!

During this time, APSI received a National Science Foundation SBIR Grant (#0740181) to provide funding for research into this quest.  We also partnered with the University of Alaska – Fairbanks (UAF) Native Knowledge Network and several Tribal organizations.  We interviewed Tribal leaders and project managers representing more than 200 villages who shared their ‘global view’ approach to project management.  We discovered that their approach was very different from the typical linear ‘western’ project management processes.  As a result of this research, projectKEEPERS was designed and developed, then launched and tested by Tribal project managers in rural Alaska.  For the first time in project management history, a new approach to project management was available!

THE COMMITMENT: To simplify project management.  APSI’s approach of using cross-cultural relevance in training and support services gains positive results to challenges that face grantees and project managers everywhere. ProjectKEEPERS uses a simple and logical approach to meeting your deadlines. For example, it includes a ‘Real Life Events’ calendar for scheduling local events and seasonal activities such as subsistence activities! ProjectKEEPERS also helps grantees reduce costs associated with grants management and improves the capacity of the entire team to learn excellent skills. “PK” is accessible from all of your online devices such as desktop computers, laptops, or smart phones, so you can even manage your project while you’re traveling!

Find out more at ProjectKEEPERS.com   Please Note: ProjectKEEPERS is under construction, making improvements!  For more information, please contact us through our Contact Us Tab.  Thank you.

ProjectKEEPERS is developed and owned by

Alaska Project Solutions (APSI),

and offers you a culturally relevant online project management tool

that can help you track and manage

the progress of your project.

​THE PROBLEM: As grant requirements become more complex,  new expectations for management increase. The quality of the project suffers and administrators face increased workloads that challenge the success of their project.  

THE SOLUTION: ProjectKEEPERS empowers project administrators and organizations with capacity to achieve their goals and a realistic tool to respond to expectations of this rapidly evolving and complex funding landscape.  APSI’s approach to project management utilizes cross-cultural relevance in training and support services. Our focus is to provide solutions and positive results to challenges that face grantees and project managers everywhere.

Alaska Project Solutions has developed projectKEEPERS to support Tribal agencies, businesses, and nonprofits with their

grants and projects.  ProjectKEEPERS provides support for you to:

  • maintain project schedules

  • monitor team activities

  • understand project goals

  • schedule and track progress

  • create customized reports

  • view and monitor your budget