Our mission is to support community success by providing excellent grant writing services, skilled project management support, and other grant-related assistance to Tribes, 

non-profits & local governments.

  APSI has a strong track record of success:

  • $107 million in grant funds awarded to clients in rural Alaska

  • 165 grant applications 

  • more than 600 grant training participants

  • more than 500 strategic planning participants

  • application success rate of 95%

APSI provides professional  grant writing services, assistance with grant project management,, and other grant-related services to Tribal and non-profit agencies. APSI’s work integrates cultural relevance in everything we do.

We understand that there are often critical, local challenges that prevent progress, so we strive to develop a real-world approach for successful completion of projects. APSI has provided on-site and virtual services to our clients since 1997.